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Ilaria Conte is a fine art photographer specializing in black-and-white landscape photography.

Ilaria Conte (Turin, 1980) graduated from the City of Westminster College in London in 2004 and began assisting some of the most influential photographers in the world of advertising while pursuing a personal artistic career.

Her fusion of Western design rules with the more serene oriental sense of beauty is highly notable in her style. 

In the fall of 2019, in New York City, she exhibited 105 images depicting this style which had been taken in the Kanto and Kansai regions on her first trip to Japan in the winter of 2018. 

This collection was showcased in her first book – Minami no Tsuki – an intimate diary involving the viewer to engage with our society's gentle and quiet observation. This work reveals what is beyond a journey with striking black and white images celebrating a melancholy solitude with a deep sense of calmness

+81 70 8538 1773
+1 267 324 7555


1970-01-01 09.00.00 ilariaconte_profilepic.jpg

イラリア コンテ(トリノ, 1980)は、2004年にロンドンのシティオブウェストミンスターカレッジを卒業し、自分の芸術界でのキャリアを追求しながら、広告の世界で最も影響力のある写真家達のアシスタントとして働き始めました。




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